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About X-Ray Lady

X-Ray Lady® CE was founded in 1973 by Jeana Fleitz, M.Ed., RT(R)(M).  Our office is located in Louisville, Kentucky and over the last 40 years has evolved into a family business where three generations work side by side to provide quality continuing education.

Our mission is to provide unique and relevant radiography continuing education courses.  A principle that guides daily business activities is that every customer is important and deserves to receive individualized attention, respect, courtesy, and service.

When you Purchase a CE course from X-Ray Lady® CE, we promise:

  • Each course will be unique and relevant to the medical imaging profession.
  • Each course will be appropriately approved by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and Florida Radiation Control Branch.
  • We will be available to help you select the right course and make sure that it best fulfills your CE requirements.
  • You will be treated with respect and courtesy and receive timely and accurate answers to your questions.
  • You will always speak with an actual person, not an automated menu.
  • Your confidential information will stay confidential.
  • You can receive verification of the CE courses that you have completed with our company.
  • You will be treated as part of the X-Ray Lady family!

Why order from X-Ray Lady® CE

Jeana Fleitz is the manager and education director responsible for the development of all courses.  Jeana’s professional experience in medical imaging has provided her with insights into the continuing education needs of the radiographer.  The following list is just a sampling of Jeana’s diverse career in Radiologic Technology.

  • Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Education with emphasis on delivery of educational programs.
  • Director of Allied Health Curriculum Development for the KY Department of Technical Education.
  • Faculty member at the community college level for 12 years.  Responsible for developing the first Limited Radiography training program with articulation to the RT program.
  • Member of the writing team that drafted the first KY Radiation Operator Certification Regulations.
  • Developed, for KY, a comprehensive home study program for Limited Radiographers.
  • Co-author of the textbook, Limited Radiography, newly released in its 4th edition.
  • Employed for 6 years by KY Radiation Control Office.

Customer Reviews

“I am always surprised to see how many courses  you provide in mammography.  The price is a little high, but well worth it when it comes to finding enough mammography courses to meet my needs.  If I had to call, I was always greeted with a kind and very helpful employee.  Getting results in 24 hours is amazing.  I will continue to use X-Ray Lady courses in the future and pass on to my fellow mammographers how wonderful your company is.”~Teresa 2/18/19

“X-Ray Lady courses are well written and actually enjoyable to read.  The information is not boring or over technical in presentation.  It is perfect for activities one is required to do in off time.”~Bria 1/22/19

“Your website is really user friendly, fast course delivery and excellent customer service!”~Francisco 1/16/19

“I love using X-Ray Lady for my continuing education credits!  There’s great topics and just the amount of credits I need, plus the service is amazing and they’re always helpful!”~Kimberly 12/27/18

“Keep up the good work.  You have been my study companion and savior for many many years.  Excellent materials and services.  Great help for our continuing education requirements and refreshment of knowledge.”~Juan 9/19/18

“Always enjoy X-Ray Lady courses because the format is so easy to follow.  Questions on the exam are always organized by chapter so you know where to look if you need review information.”~Mary Beth 9/18/18

“X-Ray Lady has the best customer service I have ever received.  They really looked out for me, and communicated so well.  I would highly recommend them and I will be getting my CEU’s from them always in the future.”~Crystal 9/14/18

“Thank you all so much for the patience of your knowledgeable staff and them being so understanding of my needs!  I have been an X-Ray Lady customer for more than 15 years and have tried only one other company for my CE’s a long time ago.  They were not nearly as good and it didn’t work out for me.  Your courses are very precise and interesting (not hard to spot the answers and I like that) and I love doing them.  I will NEVER try another company again!”~Mary 9/1/18

“Doing a fabulous job providing up to date topics to help advance and keep us informed as our field grows”~Rhea 8/3/18

“X-Ray Lady is a pleasure to use.  People are nice and helpful!”~Wendy C. 7/12/18

“I have utilized X-Ray Lady for many years, not only for myself, but for many of my employees and I have been satisfied with the service received.”~Carla B. 7/17/18

“Excellent service as always!  It’s the ‘WAY TO GO’ for re-certification!”~Greogry B. 7/30/18

“I have never used another homestudy course other than yours because yours is the BEST!!”~RaDonna B. 7/30/18

“Your courses are very informative and your company is very easy and convenient to deal with.  I have used X-Ray Lady courses for my department on several occasions.  I have never had an issue with X-Ray Lady.  Great service–good courses.”~Chrystal A. 6/5/18

“You guys are awesome.  I received my study courses quickly.  The info. is easy and informative and you proved the certificates in good time.”~Julia H. 6/23/18

“Love these courses, very interesting and helpful for my job.  Very convenient to be able to do at my speed at home.”~Linda B. 6/12/18

“Thank you for the intuitive design of your website and the ease of use.  I am a desperate technologist in need of CE’s and your service is exactly what I needed.”~James L. 6/18/18

“Office staff extremely helpful & friendly.  Website while has diverse/thorough information it is also user friendly.”~Christina C. 6/18/18

“Thank you for the ease of your website and options you gave to submit my test.  Great CE credit options too!!  You are the BEST!!!”~Leah H. 5/17/18

“I am very thankful for the service X-Ray Lady provides.  In this experience, I know that I will be a returning customer!”~Shannon B. 5/10/18