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2016 Winter Newsletter

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X-Ray Lady CE
Winter Newsletter  2016
As we finally near the end of winter with Spring just in sight there are exciting changes and news to share.  We have several new courses about to be released.  As of January 1, 2016, the ARRT announced many changes to their continuing education requirements.  As always it is a daunting task to keep informed of all the state and national changes that take place but anytime we get news we try to share it with our customers.  Our customers are what makes our company great and we look forward to being able to serve you and keep you informed for years to come!

ARRT Post Primary CE Requirements
You may already be aware that the ARRT has set some new continuing education guidelines for post-primary license holders. In the past ARRT accepted any topic that supported radiologic technology as long as the course was approved by a recognized approving agency.
As of Jan. 1, 2016 any technologist who holds an ARRT post-primary license must obtain at least 16 of their 24 CE credits in a subject matter directly related to their post- primary license.  So, for example, if you work in CT, 16 of your 24 required credits must be CT related.  The specific credit must meet the ARRT structured educational requirements.
The good news for our customers is that all of our courses that apply to post-primary licenses are now coded into the structured educational categories.  We will have more on our website regarding this information but for now you can call our office for additional information about the ARRT coding of our courses.

Click the link below to read more about the structured education requirements on the ARRT website.

ARRT Guideline Change for Repeating CE Courses
As of January 1, 2016 the ARRT now allows technologists to repeat a CE course previously completed; however, the ARRT does not allow the CE course to be completed within the same biennium.
In light of this new rule, when you place an order our staff will not contact you about a repeated CE course unless the CE course was completed within the last two years.
If you have an X-Ray Lady course reference and would like to retake the course, now you can!
Save money on your CE by using the X-Ray Lady course reference you have and just purchase a posttest at a discounted price. X-Ray Lady CE courses are approved for a 1-3 year period so check with our office to see if your CE course reference you have is still approved for continuing education credit.
CLICK HERE to view ARRT Continuing Education Requirements

New Courses Coming Soon….
The following courses are in the development and approval process and are expected to be released by Spring/Summer:
  • Breast Implants–8 CE
  • Breast Anatomy & Physiology–8 CE
  • Breast Cancer Facts & Figures–2.5 CE
  • Rad Positioning & Image Analysis–26-28 CE
  • Mamm Imaging & Positioning–14-15 CE
  • Breast Imaging & Pathology–12 CE
  • Radiation Protection in CT–2-3 CE

CE Closeouts and Special Sales
Most of all of our courses that are expiring and will NOT be renewed are on clearance.  All courses have to be completed before the expiration date in order to receive credit for the course.
If you hold a current FL State Radiation Control license you can take advantage of our FL ONLY Clearance Sale. All courses are approved by the FL-DOH are ARRT accepts the FL-DOH approval.  YOU CAN ONLY GET CREDIT FOR THESE COURSES IF YOU HAVE A FL LICENSE!
We only send out our newsletters 4 times a year.  To stay up to date on all news and announcements frequently visit our news & announcements page on our website.  We update it frequently and is a good source on information on just about anything with regards to CE requirement changes for ARRT or States and info. about our courses!
Thank you so much for your continued support and loyalty to our company.  We try to provide the best customer service and strive to help you in any way we can.  If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact our office.  Until next time………
Jeana Fleitz, LLC
X-Ray Lady CE
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